Exploring the potential of your property to maximise profit

The larger the project the more options there are. We will help you ensure that you have considered all of the different options and are really maximising the opportunity for your property. We’ll also give you lots of hints and tips to help you when you are viewing opportunities that will make your refurbishment easier.

Planning Permission & Building Control

Sometimes you can carry out works under ‘permitted development’, sometimes you need to complete a ‘prior notification’ and sometimes you need a full planning application. Some elements of the job are subject to Building Regulations and some aren’t.

We’ll help you work out which you need for your project (if any) and help you understand the process.

Employing the correct specialists

As you start to work on larger projects it becomes more important to outsource the specialist tasks.

We’ll explain all of the different tasks that you can outsource so that you will be able to confidently employ the right person at the right time and also understand what you can expect from them.

This isn’t just leveraging your time but outsourcing things that you won’t be able to do yourself.

Writing bullet proof specifications

As you step up to larger projects you will start to work with larger contractors who will be more commercially aware. It’s really important that you put together a really tight specification of works to ensure that you don’t leave yourself open to additional costs and contractual disputes. We’ll be developing what we covered on our previous course to ensure that you are one step ahead of your builder.

Advice for working with larger builders

We’ll be covering all of the other things that you will need to have an awareness of when working on a larger project including:

  • Health & Safety
  • CIS Tax
  • VAT
  • Standard building contracts

Our 30 point checklist to help you with your project

You’ll leave with our 30 point checklist that will help you ensure that you haven’t missed anything on your project. This is a valuable tool that will save you time and time again with your refurbishments and ultimately help you save your time, money and sanity.

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