Sourcing the correct property to convert to an HMO

Not every property is suitable or financially viable to convert, we will discuss the works that could potentially cost you far more than anticipated and the quick fixes to add massive value and increase cashflow.  You will learn about Planning Permission and Council licensing relevant for HMO’s so that you don’t get caught out.

Our top tips for getting the most out of your property

Do you look at a floorplan wondering… “Which wall can I move?” or “Where can I place that ensuite or bathroom?”  We will be looking at how you can maximise the floorplan to create an HMO with some real life examples.

Templates to help sequence your works

What came first – the chicken or the egg? Does your refurbishment sometimes leave you feeling like this? There is a sequential order how the majority of refurbishment works need to be carried out and you’ll leave with a template to use on your projects.

How to cost the works and manage your budget

We will give you budget figures for the typical works needed to convert a house to an HMO which will enable you to put together a budget.  Then we will tell you how the professionals manage this budget to eliminate overspend and maximise profit.

Putting together a specification

We will study a sample specification for a typical HMO conversion and our experts will help you specify the products which are easier to maintain but look great.

How to work with your builder

We will discuss the types of builder that would be appropriate for your projects and share with you the basic contract terms you need to have in place.

Getting your HMO ready for tenants

To ensure that you are totally ready to run your new HMO we will also cover furniture requirements, decor and management processes.

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