Understanding defects and how to repair them

Do you know which defects are going to cost you a lot of money, compared to those that are easily solvable? Some defects do not look problematic but lead to bigger problems, and others do not. We will be looking at the defects that we often see in properties including roofs, chimneys, floors, insulation and condensation to name but a few, and if they should scare us away from a potential project.

How to put together an accurate budget

You know what the end of the project needs to look like, but how much is it going to cost you? We will be looking at budget costs, including contingencies to use when carrying out your due diligence figures. This will enable you to determine if the project is right for you. We will be looking at how much you need to allocate for an ensuite, a kitchen replacement, window replacements, complete electrical rewiring, a new boiler and radiators to name just a few.

Writing specifications

Have you received prices and quotes from builders or tradesmen for the same works, but they have included different items and therefore you have prices that aren’t comparable? We will be looking at how you can write a basic specification, outlining how you want the work to be priced and what you want included, so that you receive quotes that you can compare with ease.

Working with Builders

Have you been to your site only to find there was no one working that day?

We will explain the mind-set behind many builders and tradesmen, how to build that rapport and relationship so that you feel like you are both working towards the same end goal, rather than a battle to get the works completed.

Learn about the experts you need to work with

As you start to work on larger projects it becomes more important to outsource the specialist tasks.

We’ll explain all of the different tasks that you can outsource so that you will be able to confidently employ the right person at the right time and also understand what you can expect from them.

This isn’t just leveraging your time but outsourcing things that you won’t be able to do yourself.

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