Paul Merrison

Paul Merrison sadly passed away in June 2016 shortly after we ran the first refurbishment Masterclass course together. He was a great family man and he left behind him a wife and two children.

Paul was well known for always helping people on their journey. He approached us towards the end of 2015 because he believed we should be sharing our knowledge and experience through a training course. He wanted to help but didn’t know what he could bring to the partnership – it was typical of Paul to not understand the value of his input and experience.  We had previously tried to create a training course on our own and without success, what we needed was Paul’s enthusiasm, creativity, knowledge, fun and encouragement to make it work. So that’s what we did, with Paul’s help we made it work and produced a training course to help property investors manage their refurbishments.

We (Martin and Sarah) considered it a privilege to call Paul our friend, mentor and business partner. Paul was always great fun to be around with his huge smile and often loud shirts and jackets. We had so much fun on our first course and had big plans for the future.  Everything Refurbishment Masterclass does from today, everyone we help, will be as a result of Paul and we dedicate this business to his memory.

Paul Merrison had over twenty years’ experience running his commercial and residential painting and decorating, maintenance company. Paul had contracts with Hospitals NHS Trusts, Schools, Hotels, and Local Authorities to look after their housing stock.

Having seen how others had made a success of building a portfolio, in 2012 Paul decided this was where he wanted to focus and built up a portfolio of Buy to Let and HMO properties. Paul’s strategy was based around finding properties that had not been looked after and need extensive refurbishment to add value, and bring them back to the high end properties they are today.

Paul was also the host of Essex pin meeting, and proud to be part of Simon Zutshi’s training team, and a property mentor/coach for Simon Zutshi’s Mastermind Course.

Paul was married to Joanne with two fantastic kids, as well as being responsible for a dog, a rabbit, a tortoise and a hamster with its own home built extensive run. His interests included contemporary art, gardening, yoga, personal development, refurbishing his own home and spending as much time as possible with his family.

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